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The Original Scratch Lounge

The Original Scratch Lounge

It can be very frustrating when you go out and buy your cat a scratching post but they continue to scratch the furniture. And you ask yourself “Why won’t my cat use their cat scratching post!? Grrrrr.

Well, No need to worry anymore. I will share with best top 10 tips on how to get your cat to use their scratching post and soon this issue between your lovely cat and you will be a thing of the past.

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So, how do you encourage your cat to use their cat scratching post?

1. Kitten-Hood:

Of course, this tip may be little late for some of you, unless you have a time-machine, but introduce your cat to their scratching post while they are still a kitten, or as young as possible. It’s simple and much easier to teach a desirable behavior from the beginning, rather than try to modify an undesirable behavior later on.

2. Height:

One of the biggest reasons cats like to scratch is so that they can stretch their spines to max. Make sure you get a nice, tall scratching post that they can use to stretch their body to the max. If the cat scratching post is not tall enough for their entire stretched body, it can be awkward they may not use it. Scratching post here


Secure and sturdy scratching post is key element here. Is your cat scratching post sturdy or does it wiggle around when they use it? You should make sure to secure the scratching post, buy one with a sturdy base or buy one that is large and won’t move when they use it. Not many cats will enjoy using a scratching post that doesn’t offer them any resistance when they use it and just wobbles around.

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

4.Texture :

Each cat has very unique personality just like humans. Each one like different kind of scratching texture. Pay attention to your cat’s texture preferences.
There are wide variety of scratching posts available in market.They can be pads made from corrugated cardboard, sisal material, sisal rope or carpet. Wound sisal and cardboard tend to be the most popular choices among the feline community, but every cat is an owner of individual personality and will have their own unique preference. One reason your cat is not scratching on the post could be perhaps your cat doesn’t like the texture you have chosen for them and they would prefer something else.

PetFusion_Cat Scratcher Lounge Deluxe

PetFusion_Cat Scratcher Lounge Deluxe

5. Angles:

Based on preferences of the cat, some like to scratch and stretch out on horizontal surface while others prefer a vertical surface.Some do the both. Pay attention on how your cat stretches and scratches.

Once your will know the proper angle you can make right choice about cat scratching post for your cat.


SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

SmartCat Ultimate Cat Scratching Post


6. Imitate :

If you are not sure what scratching post your cat would prefer then try to imitate what they are currently choosing to scratch now. Pay attention to what texture and angles they seem to prefer. Are they scratching the carpet, a horizontal surface, or do they prefer to reach up a scratch a vertical surface, such as the walls?

7.’1 Each Plus 1′ Rule :

Cats are very territorial.For every cat in your home, you must have one cat scratching post plus an extra. If you have 3 cats then you should have 4 posts in your home.
Scratching is a way of cats to mark their territory. If there is only one post, chances are it has already been marked by dominant cat, the others will refuse or be scared to scratch on already marked post. They will for sure go for other places in the house, such as your sofa, carpet or walls.

8.Post Placement:

When a cat scratches they are, in part marking their territory. Don’t tuck the scratching post out of the way, at least not initially. Cat Scratching post needs to be in a more prominent place so try to place it in the spot where they are currently choosing to scratch. You can move it to your desire location once your cat consistently start using it. An initial best post placing could also be where your cat takes nap. Cats tend to scratch whey they wake-up from a snooze.

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber

9.A Positive Introduction :

When you introduce your cat to their new scratching post try placing treats on and around it as well as rubbing cat nip over it to peak their interest. You can also use a cat toy, such as the Cat Charmer or Da Bird, to play with them around the scratching post. Encourage them to pounce on the toy so that their claws land on the post. They’ll soon realize how good it feels to sink their claws into the scratching post or pad. Its a slow process to give some time :)

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Whiskas Tartar Control Tasty Treats for Cats

10. Don’t ‘Show’ Irritation :

Please do not insult your cat by ‘showing’ them how to use their scratching post and absolutely DO NOT use any kind of force. They will only look at you as though you have gone mad, get irritated andthen run away. Not a successful outcome for both.

This conclude my top 10 tips. Would you like to add more to the list so that others cat lovers like yourself can benefit from them too?
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